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Born in Ecuador, she begins her career as an anthropologist and performing artist, while also studying Social Communications.


From a young age, she becomes involved in anthropological and artistic projects with communities in the Andes and Amazon of Ecuador, as well as in several Asian countries.

Due to her interest in history, anthropology, and traditional art, she conducts a theater research project with support from Ecuador’s Ministry of Culture in 2010.


Later, she embarks on a far-reaching journey from Asia to America to immerse herself in other cultures and their traditional dances. This project is called “The Dance Road,” or La Ruta de la Danza in Spanish.


In 2011, she travels to Indonesia to study classical dance and mask theater at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts and through private courses with accomplished teachers.


She continues her studies in India at the renowned Kalamandalam university, becoming one of the first Ecuadorians to learn Khatakali theater and classical dance at the Indian Cultural Center.

Salgado’s journey continues in the Himalayas, where she tours Buddhist monasteries researching mask traditions and the monastic dance known as Cham.


In Mongolia, she studies with nomadic communities in the Altai Mountains and the Gobi Desert.


She caps off her voyage in Asia 2019 with her most important expedition to Siberia to work in the Chukchi and Eskimo nomad regions of the Russian Arctic and to officially present her project at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society, with whom she collaborates and consolidates her research effort. 


Salgado has participated in important international festivals in Asia, Europe, North America, and Ecuador, including the Bali Art Festival in Indonesia; the International Himalayan Art Festival in India; The Gathering in the United States; Natural World in Barcelona, Prague, Ottawa, New York and Boston; and the Festival of Tibetan Arts; among others.

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